I started my online marketing journey on June 30, 2017.

My first thought was to learn everything that I could about making money online and I was pretty sure that I would have to do that if I wanted to succeed.

Complete knowledge of the online marketing landscape was not necessary but I knew that I had to learn the basics and find out how I could quickly get answers to any questions that happened to come along. This was the strategy that I had used in my career as a computer network engineer and it has served me well over the years.

There is really no need to fill your head with every answer but you do need to know where to find information when needed.

What I have come to find, is there are very few people in this industry that will freely share what they know.

Many say they will share, but in the end, it comes down to having to pay for much of the knowledge that is out there.

I am not talking about spending $30 on a book from Amazon that purports to give you all the secrets of online marketing.

Or a watching the myriad of webinars that say they are giving you training and in the end you get pitched to buy the exact information, eBook, masterclass or software that will propel you to financial freedom.

It ain’t that easy, ladies and gentleman.

On the flip side, I have been able to find a few sincere people who have helped me along the way and shared and continue to share the secrets that they have learned.

I count these folks as good friends and associates and most of them, I have never met in person.

Through the magic of email, social media, Skype and Zoom meetings, I have formed close bonds with about 5 people that I would go to war with and I would have their back and I know they would have mine.

Sadly, there are not a lot of these people out there and if you can find one or two or more of them, nurture the relationship and take them along with you and they will return the favor.

One of my major discoveries along the way is the misnomer known as DFY (Done For You).

You see this quite a bit in upsells and OTO’s (One Time Offers).

You will watch a webinar or buy a product and usually there is an offer by the seller giving you the complete system at a higher price than the original product. and it will be DFY.

When I think of “Done For You, that’s what I think you should get.

A turnkey system that works as soon as the vendor delivers it to you.

However, it really doesn’t work that way.

There is always something the you have to do or complete or change or write.

You buy a DFY website package and all you get is a special theme, some plugins and maybe a few images and videos, but you still have to make all the changes to personalize the website or set it up for your business.

The same thing applies to DFY software, email campaigns, videos, images and just about anything else you can think of.

The bottom line is that it is incomplete and not ready to start working for you.

It’s enough to drive you insane.

So the bottom line is, I have bought many software products, training and coaching deals. Masterclasses, DFY products and eBooks.

The good news is that I have been able to learn something from everything that I have purchased and it has enabled me to make informed decisions on how I proceed on my adventure.

I will say, that 90% of the training that I have taken part in or has been included with a purchase is very amateurish.

Having worked with several Fortune 500 companies, I have seen training at it’s best.

You know the kind of training that I am talking about.

Planned and well thought out and taught by a person or a team that knows the content well because they have practiced before they delivered the training.

After they present, they get feedback and keep improving the content, delivery and follow-up.

That is not the norm on the Internet and the make money online environment.

Most of the training is incomplete and you really have to work to learn anything of value.

When you find a good training program, value it because it is rare in this industry.

When I came across John Thornhill, I didn’t think that the Partnership To Success would be much different, but I am happy to say that the training is step-by-step and seems to be thorough.

There are a few areas that need to be updated but in a fast changing industry, it sometimes takes a little while to do this.

My plan is to follow the training to the letter.

Get done in the 60 day timeframe and see where I am at the end.

Hopefully, launching many products and making money while I sleep, which has always been my goal.

Join me on the Adventure.

Heck, there is a satisfaction guarantee, so what do you have to lose.

    2 replies to "-DFY Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy!"

    • Debi Kirk

      Hi Dan, thanks for your honest and open post about your online journey. I can relate to a lot of what you talked about. I’ve recently joined John’s P2S program and I’m finding the training and support excellent.

      • Dan Schaeffer


        Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Yes, I really like the P2S program. I just need to spend a little more time on it each week. Between the training, getting Ambassador going and all my other stuff, it has become a full time job.

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